Tuesday, July 05, 2005

just another day

thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts n prayers for Lil D. he came thru the surgery just fine n he was home by 2 this afternoon. he's a little disoriented n his eyes are all gross n bloody but other than that, he's doin awesome.

now it's my turn...i go to the doc tomorrow at 2:30. i HATE dr's. lol

anyways, i'm back to my thesis...i've spent exactly 6 hours working on it already today. i just took a small break to chat w/ some friends n now i'm diving back into it. i'll be sooooo glad when it's finished. i only have 100+ pages to go.... :oS


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Me n muh best friend, Nise

Muh lil bro n sis :)

This is a professional "cacooie" face (that means boogie man in spanish lol)

Muh lil tag-along...she looks sweet, huh? lol

Lil stud on his baptism Sunday...he is now 2 months old and weighs 12 lbs 9 oz.

She's still nameless...lol

Sunday, March 20, 2005

so OLD

Guess what, y'all?

Today is Eric's birthday...

Yep, sure is.

You know how OLD he is?

Check this out...

He's half-way to 54 years OLD!

That's an entire 4 years WAY OLDer than me. :)

And, you know what else? He has the grumps to prove it...

Just spend 10 minutes talking to him (right Terry?), and u'll realize that yep, he's 27 years OLD.

Anyways, I just thought I'd let y'all know that he's another year OLDER today...

It's SO awesome to be TWENTY-TWO! :)

~Happy Birthday, Eric ;)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

On muh nerves...

Here's some things that get on my nerves:

1. People who come to me seeking advice on a certain subject that they KNOW i've experienced...and then not taking into consideration what i tell them. I don't care if you act upon it or not, because if I've been there/done that, then I already know the personal outcome....so if u wanna do ur own thing, that's ur free will. However, don't ask me somethin n then say, "yeah, but....blah blah blah blah blah." If that's the case, do ur own thing in the first place n don't waste my time! that really urks me.

2. People who don't brush their teeth correctly. Ugh!

3. People making a right-hand turn who turn into the inner lane. You're going to cause a wreck someday! AND it's illegal...so stop it!

4. People who stand directly outside of a door and smoke. Move out into the open, people! I don't give a crap if u wanna puff on a cancer stick, but don't make me get sick as a result of your stupidity. (lol...okay, so maybe this one is a lil contradictory to some things i've done...but...so what...it still irritates me :) )

5. When my mom wakes me up in the morning with this really soft, nice voice n says it like, "Saaaaaaaaaaaaa-raaahhhhhhhhh". That is a double UGH!! lol...why can't she just say, "Sarah, get up." That would make every single day for me start off on such a better note.

6. Standing in line behind 7 people at a store with ONE cashier...I KNOW there's more than one person working! Lord, help me...this one makes me grit my teeth.

7. People in church who don't respond to the preacher's "Amen?" C'mon, people! We could get outta there 15 minutes earlier n get to the restaurants before all the other 15 billion churches get out so we don't have to wait 1 hour to eat if you would just say "Amen!" This isn't rocket science.

8. Teachers who take attendance in college. That's reTARDed.

9. Women who put on any type of lipstick or make-up in public. That's reTARDed too. Nobody wants to watch you do that. Go somewhere behind closed doors n do that.

10. People who have ugly feet and wear open-toed shoes. That should be against the law.

I think I'll stop here.


Saturday, February 19, 2005


"Dios concedeme serenidad para aceptar lo que no puedo cambiar, valor para cambiar lo que puedo, y buen juicio para reconocer la diferencia."

Would you like that in English, now? lol I had to break out my Spanish on this one...it's just prettier that way. I'm gonna audioblog some day in Spanish, by the way lol...Anyways, most of you would recognize the above statement as:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

This has always been and always will be a foundational philosophy of how I see my life. It's encouraging, it's motivating, and it completely makes sense. Many people try too hard to change things which they have no ability to control. Sometimes we just need to sit back, look at the broad picture, and realize that some things are just what they are, and no matter how hard we try, we can't possibly change them.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Happy Birthday to muh oldest sister, Steph...aren't ya glad that baby didn't wait til tomorrow?! ;)

Geez, she's so old...25. lol...

Ok so maybe that's not so terribly old, but it does sadden me a little. Our "sisterly" memories are just that...memories. Sure, we still spend time together. In fact, we probably spend more time together than any other typical set of sisters our age, as we still live in the same house AND share a bedroom...the same bedroom we've shared for 22 years.

So now for a little storytelling...

Did you ever do something as a child, thinking you were doing something good as favor for someone, and then end up getting in trouble for it? lol...Steph and I did that once. Our dad planted onions in the garden one summer. Somehow the two of us got this crazy idea that he would be really happy with us if we picked them all for him. Little did we know, he had only planted them about 2 weeks prior to us getting that wild hair...lol I remember getting a few handfuls and putting them inside of my shirt to carry them up to the house. We threw them all inside of the bathtub to clean them, and then we'd run out and get some more. Our entire bathtub was completely full of these 'baby' onions. lol Mom never said anything...she just kept quiet. But when Dad got home that night we got the butt chewin's of our lives. lol...and Dad NEVER was one to yell or get upset...so needless to say, feelings were hurt and both of us went to bed crying. lol

Those were the days...it's fun to look back at that now and laugh. That's just one of zillions of crazy things that we did as sisters.

Anyways, if ya can't tell, I love muh sister...lol...we have our tiffs here and there, but don't we all? 99% of the time, she's the best sister I could ask for, and I couldn't have a better friend.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Everyone say it with me, "awww....". lol

His lungs work great! lol

We're still guessin' on his eye color...

Chillin' in his bassinet

D being naughty